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Our Tools Are Designed To Give You Peace of Mind

HPS makes it easy to budget, plan and stay informed utilizing our proprietary Annual Estimate and Property Review program. These tools will be tailored to your needs and enable efficient, transparent and quality-controlled service delivery with the professionalism to ensure a superior vacation home experience.

The Annual Estimate

This roadmap for service delivery allows us to be organized and avoid surprises and inefficiency. It is an excellent budgeting and scheduling tool.

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Precisely tailored to Your Unique Property and Needs


A Complete Roadmap for Service Delivery


Fully line itemized


Comprehensive and Accurate

“There is great satisfaction in building good tools for other people to use.”

- Freeman Dyson

Property Review

The cornerstone of HPS's caretaking program is our best of breed "Property Review" program (aka House Watching), which is both customizable and comprehensive. It affords your Property Manager the opportunity to be proactive and provide updates, quality control, recommendations and complete any menial chores you'd rather not.

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An emailed report is sent after each review


A personalized written summary update

Quality Control

Rigorous observation, reporting and resolution


Proactive suggestions to enhance or economize vacation home ownership

Comprehensive Exterior Checklist

Comprehensive Interior Checklist


Incorporate specific checks (e.g. turn care engine over)


Documented evidence of the property (if applicable)